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Why Choose Us

Brocade Smart Space Technology Co., Ltd. is a registered key enterprise in Sichuan Province, China, and is part of the major investment program of the High Tech Zone in Chengdu. Our products mainly include high-definition video switchers and distributors, and high-definition non-destructive long-distance real-time transmission products. 

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our advantages

  • Industry-leading independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, with a number of invention patents and new patented products. Breakthrough real-time high-definition audio and video transmission technologies such as high definition, high resolution, zero delay, low power consumption, long distance, etc., and is committed to providing professional equipment and solutions to customers around the world.

  • Brocade Zhizhi series products mainly involve high-definition lossless long-distance real-time transmission, as well as high-definition audio and video switching and distribution. They are widely used in the HDMI audio-visual industry, multimedia teaching, video and telephone conferences, large-screen displays, exhibitions, finance and scientific research, and film and television Shooting and other vertical areas.

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Company News

U.S. asks to stop supplying consumer electronics chips and transfer them to the auto industry

Recently, there is a rumor that “Europe and the United States will completely stop supplying Chinese car chips”, but this is not the case. U.S. car companies are pressing the government to reduce or stop the supply of consumer electronics chips for the auto industry. A number of suppl...

Brocade Group was invited to participate in the 5th China Western Finance Forum and 2021 Industry and Finance Integration Development Summit

On the afternoon of January 18th, Ms. Hao Fang, President of Brocade Group, was invited to participate in the Fifth China Western Finance Forum and 2021 Industry and Finance Integration Development Summit. The forum is hosted by Sichuan News Network Media Group and Sichuan Quality Development Re...

  • Aiming to build a first-class innovative enterprise.